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Industry Beating Rates

APY rates shown for Bitcoin on 14/01/22







$40K CRO tokens required


3.05% over 0.25 Bitcoin deposited



50K CHSB token required

*Based on past track record, there are no guarantees this is the rate you will achieve. Our rates are subject to change. Investing in crypto, like in any market, involves risk. Seek financial advice prior to investing in any market.


More Information

How do we generate returns?

Through our partnerships, SatoshiDeals are able to generate some of the highest cryptoasset rates seen in the industry with minimal risk.

This is achieved through various market neutral strategies such as Arbitrage Algorithmic Market Trading & Hedging. One strategy is targeting market inefficiencies where trades can be made that take advantage of incremental differences in price, thereby providing a return that is largely free from market ups & downs. 


This has allowed SatoshiDeals to achieve market-leading rates, empowering clients to maximise their cryproassets earnings and outcompete traditional financial methods of earning yields on their idle assets.


Most crypto yield providers use loan models to generate returns, but there are limits to what this model can generate as it relies on the borrowing of crypto. Borrow rates are arguably more linked to market prices and are more standardised across the industry. 


SatoshiDeals provide a bespoke yielding solution for clients who successfully apply and deposit over €10,000. While we cannot guarantee any rate, we have been able to generate the following returns on crypto:

Bitcoin - 10% APY

Ethereum - 10% APY

USDT - 12.5% APY


The following rates are earned in kind, i.e. in the crypto deposited. Unlike some of our competitors, you don't need to purchase our native token. We take a cut (this is accounted into the rates above), enabling a free service.

Additional cryptocurrency yields available on request.


What is the risk?

Do we offer a risk free solution? Absolutely not, investing in any form involves a degree of risk and our earn product is no different.
With this said, the strategy used is largely (although not fully) free from market prices in the respective crypto being earned and the past performance has consistently been exceptional since January 2021.
Our partners have been vetted by us to the degree we are happy to invest our own and client funds.


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