Enabling institutions & high-net-worths to gain exposure to the digital asset revolution

Our Story

SatoshiDeals works to bring digital assets to the world. We are an EU licensed bespoke brokerage with specialties in institutional investment within the digital asset ecosystem.


 Get exposure in the digital asset space, guiding you from start to finish, from query to purchase and even where to safely store your assets.


Access to deep liquidity through exchange aggregators with algorithmic trading also seen in traditional finance helps to minimise costs when trading large amounts of digital assets.


How it works


We use some of the most sophisticated trading platforms in the digital asset space. Having access to deep liquidity means that you can place large orders with ease and avoid excessive costs. We are bringing efficient algorithmic trading to the digital space - something seen in traditional financial markets. 


Our systems have the following features:

  • Smart routing to multiple exchanges - an algorithm that routes orders to different exchanges to provide access to deep liquidity thereby aiding efficiency.

  • Split trading - systems to break trades down into separate parts which execute over time to avoid filling up order books with one large trade, thereby helping to protect against price slippage.

  • No limit - given our unique systems, we are able to place orders for clients with no real limit, for multiple crypto-assets.


Contact us below with your request and we will schedule a meeting to discuss your request in detail.


We will guide you through the process of purchase, and then execute your order.


Upon the successful purchase, if required, we can arrange custody for you.


Your Licensed Bespoke Over The Counter Service 

Bespoke OTC Service.

On hand to facilitate your transactions.

Below spot price achieved in past transactions.



'Excellent trader, very friendly and professional service'

'Très professionnel, pour ma 1 er transactions il m’a aidé pris le temps de m’expliquer! Je le recommande'

'Very easy process! An excellent broker, very trustworthy'

'Confiable 100% muy buena comunicacion y atento durante la transacion'

'Great company with a fast trade'

'Very pleasant trader. Trade went smoothly and quickly'

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