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Our Services

Bitcoin investing solutions provided by a team of blockchain enthusiasts

Bitcoin Brokerage & OTC Desk

We provide a personal Bitcoin brokering service.

Find us operating every working day on, one of the largest peer to peer cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.


We pride ourselves on also being able to offer a bespoke Over The Counter service directly, away from peer to peer exchanges.


This service is not only highly personalised to each and every client, but is also one of the most affordable in the market as a whole.

Cryptoasset Custody

We provide a cryptoasset custodian service. In addition to purchasing and selling your cryptoassets on your behalf, we can safely hold these assets for you.


Clients may chose to store with us to ensure their cryptoasset(s) is safely stored and so that they can maintain personal communications with our experienced team.

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The Industry

While we believe that blockchain technologies and cryptoassets are here to stay, there are numerous problems associated with their use:

  • Exchanges offer varied rates and often lack customer service.

  • Buying and sending cryptocurrency involves a large degree of risk, such as sending Bitcoin to the wrong asset address thereby losing it all.

  • A lack of understanding of how to safely store cryptoassets.

  • Extremely low interest returns offered by banks but high risk returns offered by new innovative decentralised finance projects.

Given our extensive experience within the industry, we have been able to set about solving these problems for our clients and believe we have done so highly successfully.

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