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Crypto Brokerage


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3000+ Trades

1600+ Clients

15+ Years Experience

Brokerage & OTC Desk

An authorised team of brokers providing individuals, high net worths & institutions bespoke solutions to aid success in the new coming financial revolution.

Exposure to the crypto markets has not always been easy. There are many potential hurdles clients face when looking to access to one of the fastest growing global asset markets. How to purchase, sell, withdraw and store their crypto are all problems our clients face before coming to SatoshiDeals. 

We have successfully solved these problems for our clients through our advanced systems:

Highly Competitive Rates

Having a personal broker with access to highly liquid competitively priced sources enables SatoshiDeals to safely offer crypto at incredible rates.

Institutional Grade Banking

We can seamlessly accept any order size through our advanced banking systems which enable institutional access to crypto markets in both GBP and EUR currencies.

Cost Minimising Deep Liquidity

Access to smart algorithms enabling efficient trading for large orders, protecting against price slippage. Execute orders with peace of mind.

Personable Approach

Having a personal broker enables you to relax as we do the work for you. We are always on hand to provide tailored guidance.

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How It Works


Chat With Us

Get in touch by filling out the contact form, emailing, messaging the chatbox or even by Whats App.



Whether a high net worth or corporation, we purchase and sell crypto on your behalf tending to your bespoke needs. 


Storage or Earn

We provide our clients with a seamless and stress-free solution to cryptoasset custody or interest accounts.

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